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Summer Lash Care


" My extensions are shedding way more than usual! What’s happening? This is the question we get frequently from clients. The usual answer: ’It is the season.’ Have you ever noticed the coincidence of lash shedding with season changes? Yes, we get the changing of trees and its leaves, but with it, clients’ activities change humidity changes and the environment around us changes. So with summer in full swing, we want to give you a heads up on how to hold onto those extensions for as long as possible. During the season for swimming and sweating, the difficulty of keeping makeup in place becomes a chronic battle. Clients will want, more than ever, their lashes in tip-top shape.

These are the things that can help you monitor to keep those extensions looking fresh!

Sunscreens are a must for our skin with sun exposure at its peak, but we need to be careful with them when wearing eyelash extensions. Most sunscreens contain oil and oil breaks down the adhesive; it’s that simple. To prevent the eyelash extensions from falling out sooner than normal, make sure clients are using an oil-free sunscreen on their face. When applying sunscreen, make sure to shield or avoid sunscreen from the area around the eyes/extensions.

Speaking of oils, our hands have natural oils. Never touch the extensions with your fingers. So no fiddling with lashes unless using a wand! We know it’s tempting, but trust us on this one!

On a day-to-day basis, avoid any makeup that may contain oils around the eye area. Remember, the number one rule: Oil and adhesive are not friends. HEAT Summer = heat. Bring on the heat, baby (or not!). Let’s get into heat and how it can affect your eyelash extensions. Some clients’ lashes have straightened when they come back for their fill because they were around heat for an extended amount of time. We had a client once that was grilling and had her face too close to the grill for a long period of time. Her lashes became singed on the tips and looked a bit more straight than normal. This was due to the heat. BBQ’s, bonfires, ovens, and even having a blow dryer near the eyelashes for an extended period of time is not recommended. Keep that face away from the heat!

Moisture is key to weakening the adhesive bond. We work so hard to make a great bond between the natural lash and the eyelash extension, so when that bond breaks it’s devastating. Steam from hot tubs and steam rooms can weaken the bond the adhesive has and cause the extension to fall out prematurely.

Sweat can also weaken that bond. Sweat has salt in it, which we want to be careful of around eyelashes. Salt from sweat can dehydrate the lashes, therefore weakening the adhesive bond and causing extensions to pop off prematurely from a brittle lash. If you are doing salt-water swimming, try to wear goggles when possible. If not, make sure to wash your lashes immediately after the contact with salt to remove any salt or sweat residue on the lashes. In addition, when drying the eyelash extensions pat them; never rub them as grown out extensions can get caught and ripped off accidentally.

Even though we’re all looking for that golden skin tone, tanning beds should be evaded while wearing extensions. The UV light from tanning beds can weaken the bond. If you have to tan, keep it to a minimum and make sure to wear proper eye protection while in the bed.

Allergy season is something that can hit like the plague. If you are affected by allergies and are constantly rubbing your eyes or tearing up, it may be in your best interest to take a break until your allergies die down.

Basic care on a day-to-day basis is vital to extension retention, no matter the season. The less you touch the lash extensions, the longer they will last. Mascara should not be worn on eyelash extensions. The eyelash extensions should provide enough drama on their own. If you feel it’s not enough, we try adjusting the diameter, length, or fan-size at their next appointment to give you your desired, bolder look. Don’t pick at your lashes. Picking can cause damage to natural lashes and inhibit lash growth cycles. It’s best to wait 24 hours before getting them wet after initial application to allow time for the glue to completely cure. Make sure to wash the lashes DAILY. This is the biggest eyelash extension myth. We promise you, clean lashes are the happiest lashes (especially with extensions!). For eyelash extensions to continue looking their best, you should get fills every 2-3 weeks. Pre-booking is always best to ensure that you get on the schedule at your desired time.

It is our goal to keep those lash extensions lasting as long as possible for our clients. In order to do that, it is our duty to inform you how to properly care for them.

Enjoy those summer months and enjoy those long-lasting lashes! "

Article credit to Les Nouvelles Esthetiques.